The History of Avowry in the World of Warcraft

The history of the guild known as Avowry is long and mostly obscured by the passage of time and the ravages of war, but most sources agree on the beginnings of this most honorable of modern guilds.

During the Third War, a noble paladin known as Relan Merion was sent with his Battalion of the Silver Hand to scout the strange and mysterious Ashenvale Forest, ancestral home of the Night Elves. The Night Elves did not immediately approach the encroaching humans, preferring to stay hidden among the multitudinous shadows of the ancient forest's canopy.

After several days of observing the humans' irreverant behavior towards their unspoiled forest, the Sentinels decided to meet with the apparent leader of this threat to their home, Relan Merion.

Late into the night, several days after their arrival, Relan Merion was visited by Lynathe Moonsong, a high priestess of Elune, who told him to take his men and leave the forest, or face the wrath of her race, the mighty Night Elves, and their demigod protector, Cenarius. Relan attempted to reason with the aloof elf, but she would not be swayed.

In an act of desperation to build friendly relations with this apparently immortal race, Relan sent his men out of the forest, to return to the rest of the Alliance forces, while he stayed behind to try and reson with the strange purple elves. He was taken prisoner by the Sentinels withing the span of one day, for failing to comply with their demands to leave.

The accounts of the time period that Relan was kept prisoner are scarce and often innacutare, as this was the time that the Burning Legion made its presence known to the Night Elves. Relan's personal journals is sketchy, but relates that while they were moving him to another location, the band of Sentinels was ambushed by demonically influenced Furbolgs, who laid waste to the lightly armed troops. The only survivors were Relan and Lynathe, who had taken an interest in the Human race.

In order to survive the now corrupted forest, Lynathe returned to Relan his Paladin's Warhammer and his prayer book of holy spells. The pair travelled together for several days through the treacherous forest, building a mutual respect for each other through their experiences.

Near the end of their journey through a corrupted Ashenvale, they ran across a patrol of humans and dwarves, who captured Lynathe and returned Relan to the civilization from which he came. The tables now reversed, Relan held sympathy for the priestess, who was not as well treated as he was during his imprisonment with the Night Elven Sentinels.

Months went by and the war moved on, until at last a force of both the Horde, strengthened by the mighty Tauren, and the Alliance, bolstered by the addition of the reclusive Night Elves, defeated the Burning Legion at Mount Hyjal. The victory came at the high price of one of the greatest gifts to the Kaldorei... their immortality.

Lynathe was released from her incarceration shortly thereafter, and returned to her home, only to find it in tatters, her people now mortal, her demigod Cenarius slain. Elunes strength had kept her alive through her imprisonment, and she now kept her faith through her grieving for her home.

After Lynathe heard of the defeat of the Legion, and the return of the druids under the command of Malfurion Stormrage, Lynathe prayed to Elune for guidance. Elune came to her in a dream, so her diary states, and told her to form a group dedicated to bringing honor and justice to all corners of the world, setting an example to the kings and the poor alike. Lynathe wandered the remains of Ashenvale for days, pondering her strange visitation from her Goddess, until she realized just who could help her in her quest. she quickly lef for Theramore, in search of Relan.

Upon her arrival, Lynathe learned that Relan had recieved a similar omen from the Light, and decided that they were destined to work together on this great task. They formed, along with some of their most honorable colleagues, the first council and guild known today as Avowry.

Several years and many members later, the Avowry guild was a strong influence for good among the races of the Alliance. Unfortunately, Lynathe and Relan perished while on one of their many adventures together int he wild, untamed places of the world. Their bodies were recoverd and laid to rest in the places of highest honor, near the city of Astranaar, where they first met many years ago.

The Avowry guild is still today one of the most honorable of all the guilds of the Alliance; it's emmissaries being among the most respected heroes of the day. Avowry continues on with it's mission of spreading justice and honor across the wide stretches of Azeroth.

by Coren Petrarch