Welcome to Avowry!

We are one of the oldest active guilds on the Cenarius server. Avowry was created in the vanilla beta. So take your Cataclysm Beta Key you got and talk to the hand! Avowry is so old its almost Jurassic Park like. I want to be the T-Rex! RAWR!

Avowry itself is a casual guild that does do raid and tackles content. We aren’t into the omfg!!!11!1!1!, WTFZ0R, noob, sux0r!, pwn joo type people or progression. Think of us like Goldilocks, not to fast and not too slow. We are all adults with lives outside the game (well some of us), so real life sometimes overtakes the virtual one (THE BALL OF FIRE IN THE SKY BURNS!!!!!). We are all about helping each other out and having a good time.

If that sounds interesting to you then hit the forums and make a request to join. You will likely get a response quickly from our GM Lenz. He’s a gnome so don’t hold that against him. He is at least a warlock and does look like the metal god, Rob Halford without the leather and alternative lifestyle. He also let me have some quality time with his succubus that involved a wetsuit, fondue forks, and cream cheese but I digress.

If you happen to run into our members and enjoy running around with them and are like, “Gosh diggity they are cool and I want to roll like them”, then ask them to put you in touch with an officer. Heck, they may be an officer themselves but they didn’t rise to that exalted rank by being honest. They are middle management after all.

Hope that answers all your burning questions concerning Avowry. We are fun, we are led by a gnome, we are old, and I personally have never wiped a raid while being so intoxicated that I forgot I was the living bomb. If anyone makes a reference of some dude named Brandis doing that scream LIES and carry on!

by Brandis